Hilliard Honkers was started in March of 2010 in Hilliard, Ohio by a group of friends. We started out with a simple $20 air horn and 15 watt PA system. In our first year we went through a musical horn, a couple of other air horns such as a hand pumped horn, canned horn, and an ooga horn. In September of 2010 we finally met our dream of obtaining a train horn which became the focus of our late 2010 videos. In early 2011 the wiring for our train horn messed up and we went into a hiatus. In 2012 we attempted to revive our series without the train horn and instead use a 100 watt PA system which was modified off of our old 15 watt. This didn't go over very well and Hilliard Honkers went back in hiatus. Also in 2012 Hilliard Honkers became part of Suburban Life Productions, a small production firm started by one of the Hilliard Honkers members. Hilliard Honkers still acted as its own entity from Suburban Life Productions however. In 2014 the 2nd Saturn Era began when the train horn was repaired and three new videos were released featuring the Saturn Era equipment. These also would be the last videos to feature the Saturn. In early 2015 the Saturn died and was scrapped. Later that year Hilliard Honkers purchased a blue 2010 Nissan Altima, this is ironic since our main color is blue and we were founded in 2010. Also in 2015 Hilliard Honkers upgraded all of the horn equipment to Hornblasters products and left Suburban Life Productions, once again being it's own entity entirely. Hilliard Honkers will return to make even better videos than before in Spring 2019.


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